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New from Mika Ninagawa, a special photography collection that features a new look at the aesthetics of the kagai districts in Kyoto

Mika Ninagawa is a highly acclaimed contemporary photographer at the forefront of Japanese and international art scenes. Her work has won numerous photography awards. This beautiful photography collection is the result of her attempt to express the new aesthetics in the kagai districts in Kyoto, which are the areas of the city where geikos (female specialists in Japanese traditional arts and entertainment) live, train, and work. These kagai have deep rooted traditions that have been passed down exclusively from women to women.

For this photography collection, Ninagawa selected five renowned geikos from five kagai districts in Kyoto to be photographed at a special set that Ninagawa designed specifically for each one of the geikos. All the artworks included in this book were also exhibited at Museum EKI in Kyoto from April 14th-May 13th 2018. This photography collection successfully illustrates the beauty of kagai traditions, and shows Ninagawa°«s own admiration for those modern women who gracefully protect the treasures from the past. This gorgeous photography collection book is a must-have collector°«s item for all art lovers who appreciate photography, and who love both the traditional and the modern.

Author : Mika Ninagawa
Pages°ß200Pages° Full Color°ň
ISBN°ß978-4-7562-5096-4 £√0072
Release Date : Apr/2018
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $30,000.00
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