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Beautiful Scenes from a Fantasy World: Background Illustrations and Scenes from Anime and Manga Works

Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World: Background Illustrations and Scenes from Anime and Manga Works°°

OTOMO KATSUHIRO: 20 POSTERS  -Reprints of Classic Posters-

The Art of Shichigoro


MOMENTARY: The Art of Ilya Kuvshinov

CANNABIS WORKS 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book

BEST OF BISHONEN: Most Updated Boys Illustrations from Japanese Comics and Games

Zawa-zawa: Treasured Art Works of Ashley Wood

MANGA DESIGN: Book Designs for Japanese Comic Books

PAREIDOLIA: A Retrospective of Beloved and New Works by James Jean

The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture: Complete Collection of SUDA51 - A Great Video Game Designer in Japan

More Heroes and Heroines: Japanese Video Game + Animation Illustration

GAKI: A Girl and Monsters' Night Parade

KATSUYA TERADA 10 TEN: 10 Years Retrospective

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*2021/Feb Release in US/Europe
The Art of Meyoco
Polaris<br/>The Art of Meyoco
more detail
Welcome to the dreamlike pastel-colored world created by Meyoco.
Discover all with Polaris, her first commercial work collection.

Meyoco is an illustrator based in Southeast Asia who has gained popularity mainly on social media. Natural elements such as flowers, waves, leaves, stars, and bubbles are suddenly infused with a cute and lovely quality when Meyoco colors them in pastels. Meyoco°«s wonderfully dreamlike illustrations have won her an increasing number of fans of her social media accounts; as of April 2020, the number of her followers has exceeded 1.22 million on Instagram and 270K on Twitter. This book contains about 240 illustrations that have been carefully chosen from those she has presented in her social media account. It also includes artworks that have been newly drawn for this book, along with some watercolor paintings from Meyoco°«s early published collections: doujinshi, °»Foliage°…, °»REVERIE°… and °»Bodies of Water°…. Meyoco also explains the concept of her artworks in her own words. These cute characters and motifs drawn in lovely colors are sure to appeal to people all over the world.
Author : Meyoco
Size : 195 °Ŗ 188mm
Pages : 192 pages (Full color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : May/2020
Language : J/E Bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,000.00
Jan/2021 release in the US/Europe
New Retro Illustration
New Retro Illustration
more detail
Retro but modern.
This is the new trend, the new way, the new form of illustration created by the new generation.

°»New retro°…, a combination of the word °»New°… and °»Retrospective°…, is a newly coined phrase meaning °»appreciating and enjoying something old while reimagining it into something modern.°… This book introduces 40 up-and-coming illustrators working in this °»new retro°… style. Through the 300 illustrations showcased in this one book, readers can appreciate and enjoy retro culture, items and motifs reimagined and transformed into something new.

Retro culture, along with items such as 80s/90s fashion, neon lights, old Japanese anime/movies, and retro items like cassette tapes and Polaroid cameras, are now being reappraised by younger generations, who did not experience them in real time. The °»New Retro°… artistic movement, which began as a new and cool subculture before sparking a trend that took off in Japan in the late 2000s, has now become an established genre among illustrators and continues to influence and attract many creators in the industry with its magical appeal.

This °»New Retro°… wave in the art, music and fashion industries in Japan brings a somewhat retro but also modern and trendy feel to popular culture. This collection gathers together the most notable New Retro artists and their works to give readers the most up-to-date, cutting-edge collection of this unique style, and will surely be an important reference book for those who want to appreciate and enjoy the essence of these updated and reimagined retro motifs.
Size : 257 °Ŗ 186 mm
Pages : 192 pages (Full color)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Apr/2020
Language : Japanese, some English
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,000.00
Asia and Australia Only
The Ultimate Unreal Manga Odd Couples
An Illustrated Collection with bonus material
The Ultimate Unreal Manga Odd Couples<br/>An Illustrated Collection with bonus material
more detail
Full of odd duos and trios!!
An imaginary manga cover collection by Jiro Suzuki, manga artist of Higurashi When They Cry5: Curse Killing Arc.

Jiro Suzuki, manga illustrator for Higurashi When They Cry5: Curse Killing Arc and MAGiMAGi, is obsessed with odd duos and trios that have contrasting ages, physiques, social classes, personalities. In this collection, Jiro expands the imagination and creates an imaginary manga series with odd character duos (or trios). Book cover illustrations from these imaginary odd-couple manga series are accompanied by character profiles and brief storylines.
Originally a web series appearing on PIE°«s website, this collection is now available in a single collectable volume! As an added bonus feature for this book, Jiro has created 24 original pages of character profiles and 26 pages of manga introducing these funny and charming characters.

The odd duos (and trios) featured in this book are...
&#9829; A young sister who has her body taken over by an evil dragon and an elder brother, who is almost a servant to his sister, seeking to get her back.
&#9829; A man who seems like an intelligent gentleman but who is actually a meathead!
&#9829; A veteran cop and a brainy, nerdy rookie.
&#9829; An exorcist and a tiny monster.
&#9829; An innocent princess and a trainee knight girl.
&#9829; An Otokonoko (a man who cross-dresses as a woman) and a pilot who only loves airplanes.
&#9829; A really hot and popular female°°co-pilot and her male co-pilot (who believes he, too, will be hot and popular someday).
&#9829; An overly delicate gay werewolf and a shut-in gamer vampire and a gigantic elementary school boy who is actually an android.
&#9829; A wise old forest snake (who is actually half-human/half-snake) and its human servant.
&#9829; A naive incubus and a tired middle-aged Chinese vampire.

Jiro Suzuki
Manga artist/illustrator.
Created illustrations for the manga adaptations of the Higurashi When They Cry5: Curse Killing Arc (Square Enix) and MAGiMAGi. Game illustrations of°°°»Fate/Grand Order°…(TYPE-MOON) and °»Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-°»(DMM GAMES/Nitroplus). Character design for the original animation film °»LAIDBACKERS°…, smartphone game °»Icchibanketsu Online°… and more°ń.
Size : 210 x 148 mm
Pages : 112 pages (4C°¶80P)
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Feb/2020
Language : Japanese
Price : $1,600.00
Oct/2020 release in the US/Europe
Fashion illustration: Outfit of the Day
Fashion illustration: Outfit of the Day
more detail
Cool and stylish, an illustrated fashion guide. A brand new way to find your own best looks.
Fashion illustration is a new genre in the Japanese illustration scene, offering the most up-to-date, modern and practical styles for everyday. This book introduces 40 up-and-coming illustrators from Japan who are becoming popular on social media, including DaisukeRichard the author of °»Kikanetsu°… (9784756251046) published in June 2019. Filled with loads of cool, stylish coordinates and color patterns, this guide offers a whole new way for discovering new trends in fashion. Find your own outfit of the day!
Size : 240 x 165 mm
Pages : 192 pages
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Jan/2020
Language : Japanese, some English
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,000.00
Sep/2020 Release in US/Europe
Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Archives
(Updated English Edition)
Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Archives<br/>(Updated English Edition)
more detail
The long-awaited ultimate illustration collection of Shirow Miwa, known as the author of manga DOGS, takes us deep into the core of his imagination!
Characters from the game Fate / Grand Order, Saber/Sigurd and Lancer/Brynhild are now included in this updated English edition!

Shirow Miwa, the Japanese manga artist and illustrator, is best known for the manga series DOGS and RWBY, but has also contributed to visual works such as the 7th Dragon 2020 and Fate / Grand Order games, and the animated films Kiznaiver and JOKER GAME. In his career as a manga artist and an illustrator, Miwa has drawn a range of edgy characters from ancient people with animal ears, summoned beasts and superhero-like aliens, to true bad boys wearing glasses, pretty girls riding robots, a mysterious priest, samurai in sailor uniforms, brutal twins, a macho butler, a hot final boss and many more°ń
How were these distinctive characters created? Where does Miwa°«s imagination comefrom? What was he thinking while he was working on each of these stunning visual works?
Delving into the core of Shirow Miwa°«s imagination, this book will fascinate those in the animation and gaming industries with its treasured rough sketches, character model sheets, and visual illustrations. Included at the end is Shirow Miwa°«s own commentary on each manga, game, and animations, which he wrote as part of each work°«s creative team. This additional material gives readers insight into his creative process and thinking and allows them to witness the moment of birth of each of his mysterious yet attractive characters.

This book is an updated English edition of Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Achieves, which was originally published in Japan. The cover image has been redesigned to feature Saber/Sigurd and Lancer/Brynhild from the game Fate / Grand Order. This edition also showcases new character model sheets of Saber/Sigurd, which will surely satisfy the fans of Shirow Miwa hoping to collect all of his artworks.

°ŕArtist Bio°Ř
Shirow Miwa is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is well known for his manga DOGS / BULLETS & CARNAGE which is serialized in the manga magazine ULTRA JUMP. He has also contributed to games and animation works such as 7th DRAGON 2020 / 7th DRAGON 2020-≠∂, Kiznaiver, JOKER GAME, Fire Emblem: Smash Brethren 3, and worked on Fate /Grand Order as a character designer. His success as an illustrator seems unlimited. He also works as a member of online creative unit supercell.
Author : Shirow Miwa
Size : 235 °Ŗ 182 mm
Pages : 304
Binding : Softbound
Release Date : Dec/2019
Language : English
Publisher : PIE International
Price : $2,500.00
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